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Pendants to light up your 2021

Let’s leave behind the darkness of 2020 and ring in the New Year with some beautiful pendant lighting! No one look will work for every kitchen, but some current trends in pendant lighting will provide an addition with great design to most homes, so let’s dive in!

The first thing to try? Go big! Undersized pendants are a thing of the past. Steer clear of those small lights with one tiny bulb floating above your island. That kind of lighting doesn’t add much of an accent to the space let alone much light. Instead, pendant lighting is trending toward big big big! But keep it within reason; you don’t want to hit your head on a light fixture while making dinner. These beautiful pendants from Rejuvenation are a great example of big dynamic pendants.

Don’t be afraid to throw some shade. Shaded fixtures can add a welcoming warmth to a kitchen that has a lot of hard surfaces. Without upholstered chairs or window treatments, you may feel like your kitchen only has hard cold surfaces. Adding a fabric shade can soften the space like in this beautiful kitchen below by Timber Trails Homes. Choose a fresh white linen to brighten up the room or a moody grey shade for more ambiance.

Think globally. Glass shades and globes are currently playing a big role in pendant design. These fixtures keep the sight line open into a kitchen particularly in a home with an open layout. A clear or seeded glass will add to that openness, and an opaque glass will diffuse the light and create a glow.

Consider a unique shape when selecting a pendant. Add a unique style to your kitchen by choosing something unexpected. The shape and material of the fixture can convey if your style is mid century modern, contemporary, transitional or eclectic!

Don’t forget about the metal! A pendant with a black rod will have a totally different feel from a fixture with gold accents. Not quite ready to take the bait on the black metal trend? Go with a brushed nickel for an updated yet classic look. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. If your cabinet hardware is polished nickel, I promise it’s okay to do a different metal finish on the pendants. Get creative and let every piece speak for itself.

One last tip: Be sure to pay attention to the bulb count and light output. You can choose a beautiful pendant but it may have a metal enclosed shade and therefore won’t provide much light beyond the countertop just below. This may not be a problem if you have recessed lighting in the ceiling or other light fixtures nearby, but don't just select a light just because it’s beautiful. Make sure it’s functional too.

Happy Hunting and make sure to call me if you need some guidance!

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