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Wallpaper Roundup!

If you haven’t heard by now, wallpaper has made a comeback in a BIG way or maybe it never really went out. I’m not talking about dated florals or train themed borders. I'm thinking a large scale pattern with bright colors or a wide bold stripe. Maybe you've been staring at your walls during this time wondering how to transform your work from home space. Mayeb you feel your bedroom could use a dynamic headboard wall. Wallpaper can change your home dramatically whether on all your walls, one wall, or the ceiling! I’ve done a round up of some really great wallpaper options that run the gamut in style and price.

Samantha Santana has the most brightly colored wallpapers I've seen. I have one in my house and absolutely love it. She also does peel and stick to make things a little less permanent if you're hesitating on the commitment and it's super easy to install. Most of them feel like a spicy desert vibe to me. Vibrant colors and big prints with flower, cactus and plenty of other patterns to keep your eyes stimulated.

With it's nod to Scandinavian design, this bright blue floral motif makes my heart so happy. How can you not have a great day with this sprightly pop of color in your home? Schumacher has a huge array of wallpapers that range from traditional or modern.

They also have a beautiful assortment of grasscloths. I think grasscloth can often be overlooked because it's more subdued but I think because it's understated, it adds an extra layer to the room without drawing all the attention to it. It is a subtle and beautiful choice. Best used in a spot like a bedroom or dining room, it adds loads of texture and can even have pattern like this well executed wallpaper below from Schumacher.

Maybe you're looking for something a bit more striking than grasscloth. What catches the eye more than tigers? I love how bold and daring this wallpaper from Anthrolopogie is. Not only is the design dynamic, but the rich hue of the blue is gorgeous along with the orange tiger.

Maybe tigers are too extreme for your home. What's your favorite critter? Dogs, cats, foxes and even elephants like the gorgeous Serena and Lily wallpaper below are everywhere right now and will warm your animal loving heart. Don't be afraid to embrace your inner animal fanatic.

Will geometrics always be in vogue? It seems that way but in the interest of something a bit different, I found this dotted geometric wallpaper from Spoon Flower below that added a unique twist on the straight lines of geometry. The high contrast of white and black is a sharp look and is sure to jazz up any room or accent wall.

Let's not forget about murals. Create a scene that you feel like you could walk right into! I love a wildlife scene for a child's room or a floral wonderland for a whimsy dining room. The wallpaper below brings a punch with it's rich color and beautiful theme.

Hope this little wallpaper round up brought some visual enjoyment to your day! This is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. The applications are endless. Whether it's the back of a bookshelf, the ceiling of your powder bathroom, or an entire master bedroom don't hesitate to make the leap and give your walls the design they deserve.

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